Specialty Classes

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Fitness Classes

Fees :

   Buy a punch card for all the classes for $65

   Drop-In price is $10     

*Childcare available

Power Yoga

   Instructor Nanette Langston

     Come be refreshed in the healing art of yoga. With a focus on strength, balance, and above all flexibility.  This is a slow moving class that enjoys each pose. Bring a mat, water bottle, and wear comfy clothes. Bring your small kids and babies as well. There is childcare offered, but we encourage you to have your little ones nearby. Toddlers can be in pack-and-plays,walkers, bouncers, babies on mats or car seats, and preschoolers at ease to play nearby. We are entirely kid-friendly and want moms to be able to work out and have their children either with them or in offered childcare.


   Instructor Nanette Langston 

     With years of instructing Pilates, I am a firm believer in the wonders that this form of exercise can have for posture, alignment, breathing, alleviating pain in other parts of the body, helping mothers during childbirth and regaining their bodies after, and many other benefits. Movements stem from the "powerhouse", or abdominal and core muscles. During this class we will use body resistance and other equipment to tone and strengthen these muscles. Bring a yoga mat and a large towel for cushion, (or a Pilates mat if you have one), comfy pants, and a water bottle. The same feeling towards children goes as for the Yoga classes.

Other  Activities and  Classes

Toddler Music Class

  Instructor Liz Hardwick

     This class has been offered several times with lots of success.  Many parents bring their children for a time of learning about music as well as playing fun instruments. This also includes a short time of playing in the ARC as well.  Fees are the same as the fitness classes. For more information or to register email elizabethemilyhardwick@gmail.com

Fees :

   Buy a punch card for all the classes for $40

   Drop-In price is $10     

Other Groups/Activities


Independent Pickle Ball Group

Basketball Group on Monday Nights

Homeschooling Groups

Cornerstone Christian School Weekly